Day 88: Tue 26th July 2022

More woods but also more beautiful scenery, climbing hills and then looking down on the next town.

Two of the forests had warnings about wild boar but I didn’t see any.

And then in the evening I went to the house of Gabi and Robert, who I met the other day.

Lovely house that he has renovated. I think Gabi makes allowances for my German. She was easier to understand than Robert. He is prone to monologues and i cant stop him for every word i dont understand and just have to get a gist of what he said.

Lovely evening of a starter of stuffed olives, cheese-stuffed mini peppers and feta followed by barbecued pork steaks and bratwurst with beer and both a whisky based liqueur and a herbal one, both great.

Robert was made redundant about 5 years ago after working at Opal since leaving university. I think he’s still cut up about that. He says getting a job like that after 50 is impossible in Germany. He was also fairly down on capitalism and politicians in general, as is only right.

My german warmed up after a couple of beers when i said talking on instinct rather than trying to get things right. I got a big totally intentional laugh, although I think Gabi thought i said it on purpose. We were talking about the noises deer make and she suggested that perhaps they were rutting. I said no it was a “einzig” deer, meaning there was only one of them. But it also means a single deer, like “no, he wasnt rutting, he was a batchelor”. I’ve been Steven. I’m here all week.

But a lovely chat. Robert said Gabi is very stressee because she’s doing long hours covering for a sick co-worker. Her alarm is set for 5am, which explained why she left the drinking to Robert and me.

They met because she was living just down the road from Robert and he’d seen her walking around thr fields at the back of the house.

We sat on their terrace, very peaceful although Robert complained about the sound of aircraft from Frankfurt airport.

Speaking of Frankfurt he hasnt got anything good to say about the place although he admitted that he’s not a city boy, prefers mountains and countryside.

Also washed all my clothes and i charged everything, and so I’m now back to as good as Day 1.

Robert recommended Pferdkopf, a nearby hill with great views.

Good people. They even made it on to video.

Distance today (km) 23, total 1488

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