Day 89: Wed 27th July 2022

Packed up, had a coffee with Robert, he drew me a map to get up Pferdkopf and i was off.

The walk to the little mountain wasnt too bad but the tower on too was inpressive, towering over the nearby tall trees. I counted 183 steps to the top. The structure creaked as i walkes uo it but i had faith in it. Suoerb views in all directions from the too but i couldnt spy Frankfurt. I think oerhaps another hill was in the way.

The rest of the day, until the end, was through thick forests. Because robert had said part of the downhill was steep i got me a big stick, a staff almost as tall as me and gnarled with the girth of a plantain. Passing people gave me very funny looks. Going through a village one old woman swapped to the other side of the road to avoid me. I dont think germans like anything out of the ordinary but i just thought i looked like a cool gandalf.

I hit konigstein around half five and went to aldi for dinner. Sitting in some nearby woods eating my picnic i had an exchange with an american on a bicycle:

Do you speak English?
I *am* English. Are you American?
And you live here?
I work here. I’m starting a healthy reataurant with my wife.
Ah, good luck. But i love meat.
Well, we didn’t run away from it cos it taste bad. (Presumably he’s saving thr planet.)
[more blather]
For all that walking youve still got some weight on you. (Its quite galling to be called fat by an american.)
You should have seen me when i started.
[more blather]
Yeah, its been difficult of late at the reataurant cos i had covid three weeks ago.
How was it for you? I had it and it was just like a minor cold.
Very tiring. I’m still tired now.
What you need is some meat! (he smiles). Good luck with your restaurant.
Thanks, man.

Then i found somewhere to camp in the woods.

Distance today (km) 24, total 1512

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