Day 9: Sat 9th April 2022

Hardly slept. Weirdly cold, like internally cold. I suspect its this inflatable ground map. Managed a couple of hours between 8 and 10 when the day started warming.

Sweet msg from sara to say she’d make me a cup of tea. Then, after packing away, we, including daughter Isla and horses Xena and Honey, walked down the lane together. Partner had to work. Been there 7 or 9 yrs and the grand building is just a stable for her 5 horses. I’d assumed it was for a riding school or something. Issue with planning and site in general because a rarish plant, marsh marigold, grows there. Really nice and kind people.

Said goodbyes and continued towards bolton. Sat in a park and two separate women came to say hello with their jack russells, one called Dillon and the other one Elli, lovely little pups.

Earlier had msg to say Dave (from Hungry for Miles) was catching train to meet me today in bolton rather than later in Sheffield.

After miles into Bolton and photo with the fred dibnah statue, i arrived within 5 mins of him. He took me to werherspoons and he bought me a pizza. We had a couple of strong pints, Beast from the East, which was probably a mistake as far as post lunch motivation goes.

The afterwalk was long, my feet were annoying me and so was the bag. Dave pushed his bike alongside me. We popped into Aldi to restock and then through endless council estates. Finally an old converted railway line was the path for miles in Worsley.

Getting late we bailed before we got there and found somewhere to camp in the woods, away from prying eyes, which wasnt easy.

Dave’s happily married now but still the same old goon. He coming with me to the centre of Manchester tomorrow and then going his own way.

Distance today (km) 23, total 143.4

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