Day 90: Thu 28th July 2022

What a friendly day! But first, perhaps i saw and videoed a wild boar last night. I’ll have to turn up the brightness of the video.

First things first. The walk into Frankfurt was pleasant enough but i was a lot further from the city than i thought. In fact its not a very big place at all.

One nice path was the Obstpfad, the fruit path. There were apples, pears, blackberries, walnuts and cherries. There were also apparently plums but sadly i didnt see any of them.

Four interactions with people today.

First, two old ladies from the sheltered accommodation near where they were sat. Come and sit with us for five minutes, one said. They didnt like being old. One said when she was younger she had loads of friends. And men. The other said she had no kids but used to go walking in bavaria. The first one had said her husband had died and so she moved into the place for friends. Lovely old dears, very interested in my walk.

Then a bloke ran past, asked where i was going and wished me good luck.

Then i met dina. Must have been my age. She was out for a day walk. She’d get the s-bahn home or had a friend she could call. Regretted my books not being translated into german because she said her english wasnt good enough to read books.

Then near a bus stop another woman asked about the journey. But you dont do it all on foot, do you? You use buses and trains? No. She barely believed me but wished me luck too.

Frankfurt isnt awful. Its very modern and the bits theyve rebuilt look authentic enough. It just lacks a bit of atmosphere. Its a bit soulless. But still not bad.

Stopped for a kebab on the way out and camped in the city forest which is very quiet.

Distance today (km) 25, total 1537

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