Day 94: Mon 1st August 2022

Sadly a tedious day. 95% of today’s walk was in the forest, and one that had precious few places to sit down and rest the legs.

Kept imagining dark lumps in the path ahead were black bears. I’m going to be in pieces in countries that actually have them.

About 3ish I passed through Neustadt am Main and headed for the out of town campsite. It had to have a bar and cafe or a little supermarket since the town had none of these things. My mood went downhill when I saw a sign on the gate that it was closed for reconstruction.

Spying a few camper vans inside I went in anyway. I found one staff member, actually the owner, whi said it wasnt open but i could stay if i liked. The toilets worked and there was running water.

I asked about food. He had none, but pointed out a camper van, Natalie, English, actually his cousin, and thought she was going shopping soon. I went to have a word and she agreed to take me to the nearest supermarket 8 km away.

She was touring europe, had done france and wanted to see more of germany. Her mum is german. She worked in london for a greeting card company (not writing verses), though she had written some poetry about Brittany that she recited to me. Rhymes Brittany with litany. Seemed like a nice lass. She had a slightly purple lip when we met: Vimto or meths? She had a very cute little dog called Molly that she’d shaved herself during lockdown and given her a mohican. A lightly ginger Miki-like dog.

She said showers were working but the men’s ones werent. No matter. Im at a campsite tomorrow too.

Distance today (km) 20, total 1627

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