Day 96: Wed 3rd August 2022

Today could have been great. I mean, i was walking down a river for 20 km. But the river was sealed off by vegetation and so i couldnt see anything. Still, it kept everything cool on a very hot day.

So for the first time on this trip i put on a couple of Off Menu podcasts (Katherine Ryan and Romesh Ranganathan) and had a laugh. I’ve avoided this in the past since it would take me out of the moment but today would have been monotonous and this made two hours fly by. The people walking past must have wondered why i was smiling like a loon.

Arrived at the canoe club campsite after a sneaky pint and pretzel at some faux octoberfest joint. It’s run by the man with the most impenetrable gernan accent yet, a big santa dude who moved very slowly.

Anyway unlike yesterday the site is cheap and its facilities fine and right on the river. (So much on the river im worried my tent might get flooded every time a several hundred metre barge goes by.)

In afternoon i visited wurzburg and it really is gorgeous. It has its own version of Charles bridge. Wandered aimlessly, grabbed a durum and beer and headed back. Nice to explore without the rucksack.

This evening i spoke to a german couple, evo and micheala, he a social worker, her something to do with organs (sorry, my german isnt perfect). Just like gabi and robert they wanted a chapter in my book. They were mobile homing it around Europe with their two cats. They’d seen some of the croatian islands and were now going back home to osnabruck.

All in all, a good day.

Distance today (km) 20, total 1672

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