Day 98: Fri 5th August 2022

Got up lazily and watched Würzburg’s lovely campsite empty. I left not long after nine, after washing my shirt and socks.

The route took me down the Main, where one bloke asked if i was doing the jakobsweg and then called me crazy when i told him what i was doing.

Once away from the river i passed through massive vineyards on steep hillsides, on a larger scale than anything ive seen in france.

Had a nice ten minute snooze on a bench shaded from todays 32C.

Once i hit the town i headed towards a snack bar, now a vietnamese street food joint (it aint street food if you sell it from a restaurant!). I had some string rolls and beer and then was joined by a posse of romanians, some as white as a Belgian, others as brown as an indian. They enjoyed their beer until their boss showed up, a mean-looking Christiano Ronaldo, and orderes them all back to work.

From there it was Netto, then the woods, via another romanian lad sleeping in a bit of wasteland. I adnire their (lack of) work ethic.

Distance today (km) 25, total 1697

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