Day 99: Sat 6th August 2022

A lovely nothing sort of day. I walked through fields, a little forest but never really a town. A few cyclists passed but that was all. The temps were sane with occasionally a strong breeze. Also many vineyards and plum-bearing fruit trees. The highlight of the day was a cache of ice cold beer from a petrol station and drank on a bench. Is there a better taste?

The Netto supermarket wasnt where it was supposed to be. I asked the petrol woman. She sort of twisted her arm around her head to suggest a direction. I confirmed what i thought she meant. She agreed. I walked there and found nothing. Then asked two ten year old cyclists where it was. They told me to follow them. (Bit dodgy.) But they stopped quickly and said its down there. And it was.

Tonight’s woods had a handy bench for late night relaxing. Well, i say late night. I mean, eight thirty.

Lunch was lying under a tree, camembert and salami sandwiches and the last of the haribo.

Distance today (km) 33, total 1730

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