The Big Questions: United Kingdom (but really just England)


One of the perks of your Patreon Membership level is that it allows you to influence the Big Questions for each country.

This is how it works: In the weeks before I arrive in a new land I will start a Big Questions forum topic for it. Everyone with access to the forum can suggest interesting questions for me to ask the locals in this new country. Examples might be: “What’s the best city in Whateverland that tourists never visit?” Or, “what’s the best thing about living in Whateverland?” You get the idea. The best questions are those that will be answered differently by everyone I ask.

If I get loads of suggested questions, then I’ll probably set up a poll and we can vote on the best to reduce them to a manageable number.

So, this is the relevant topic for the United Kingdom’s Best Questions. As the topic title suggests, I will only actually be visiting England, at least on this visit, and so perhaps that influences any questions you might have. I mean, “how often do you were a kilt?” probably won’t produce very interesting results.

I’m interested in what you want to know. Fire away!