Day 3: Sun 3rd April 2022

Last night was nippy. Even with a t-shirt, 2 fleeces, leggings and thick socks in a sleeping bag with liner i was still shivering at times. I didnt sleep much but definitely did because i had a weird mini nightmare.
Set off around 1020 and walked a lonely road with the occasional cyclist and odd car. Nice scenery if you like barren northern hills. The rain stayed away.

Three highlights: 1) i used my water filter for the first time in the wild and it was fine. That takes some pressure off in places like these at least.

2) I’d little food and nowhere to get any. The villages here are hamlets with no services at all. I ate one of yesterday’s buns and have a boost bar and thought that was going to be it. And then a burger van turns up in the middle of nowhere. Cheeseburger and a hot vimto. Just what i needed.

3) Round these parts zero phone reception and i had a few people to contact. Came to the Inn at Whitewell (expect to pay more in pretentious places with that “at” in their name. If memory serves it was once the Whitewell Inn). Went in to use the facilities and had a cider. Had i known that not long after the reception was soon to return i wouldnt have spend that ridiculous £4.60.

Not long from pub saw a tractor woman and asked if i could camp in her field. Said yes.
So tomorrow i think is a relatively short hop to a campsite in Clitheroe where ill stay two nights to give the feet a rest and eat some proper food.

Tonight doesnt seem so cold, im not at the top of a hill and i also have a thermal vest on I’d forgotten about. Its all gonna be ok.

Distance today (km) 22 , total 73.3

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