Dare Me

Make me look an idiot…or possibly brave

Dare me to do something stupid

I’m more than happy to make an idiot of myself and film it for YouTube, if that’s your desire. Maybe you’d like to see me sing karaoke in Tokyo. Alternatively, perhaps you’d like me to join a cult. Or eat a puffer fish. It’s up to you, but please don’t suggest anything illegal or likely to get me beaten up. So no, I’m not going to smuggle drugs. And I’m also not going to punch a policeman. Neither will I stand outside Taliban HQ and shout “I love boys!” In fact, we should probably steer clear of Taliban HQ altogether.

The price for this is negotiable and will depend on just how terrifying your idea is. It also depends on whether the act costs anything in itself. For example, karaoke would definitely require a few drinks first. So put on your most devious thinking caps and do your worst!

Contact me to discuss your fiendish ideas on .