The Rules

Dos and don’ts

The rules of the road

While fastidious attention to rules makes a great Nazi, every project needs a little structure:

Rule 1: I can pause the trip for whatever reason. I may need a break or want to catch up with friends and family (my mum and dad are getting on a bit). I may also have to hide out from pandemics, wars, visa problems or whatever. Whenever these breaks happen I’ll pause all monthly Patreon subscriptions. They will not charge you for something you’re not receiving.

Rule 2: I can skip a section for whatever reason, again probably pandemics, wars, visa problems, but also seasonal issues or because there’s a massive ocean between me and the next bit of land. Obviously, any distance I omit will not count towards my overall total. I absolutely must walk at least 24,901 miles or 40,075 km.

Rule 3: I plan to travel as lightly as possible, merely carrying a rucksack to begin with. However, I reserve the right to use a trolley or some other wheeled device if necessary later on.

Rule 4: I am not allowed to die until I have successfully completed the walk. If I do, I will nominate someone to drag my corpse over the finish line. Email me if you’re available.