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As you might have read elsewhere on this site, the initial budget for this trip is very small indeed. I believe it’s just enough for me to complete the adventure, albeit in a very basic manner, but any additional funds would mean more nights sleeping indoors, more reliably charged tech and less chance of being eaten by something with big teeth.

Via Patreon, I have several options that allow you to subscribe and pay a monthly amount, receiving various benefits in return. If instead you wish to donate a one-off amount, I would massively appreciate it, whatever its size. Even just enough for a coffee would help. That said, it’s almost certain I won’t spend it on espresso, but it might just be the difference between sleeping indoors and outdoors one night in crazed-creature-with-big-teeth country.

Clicking the button above takes you to my page on the Ko-fi web site. However much you give, a huge thank you from Prim!

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