My tiny budget

Stretching pennies around the world

Self-funded, but open to help

To begin with at least, this adventure is entirely self-funded. Any money donated via my Just Giving page goes directly to Médecins Sans Frontières. I don’t see a penny of your donation. I also don’t have any corporate sponsors.

My initial budget for this adventure is tight, around £8/€10/US$11 a day. If my finances deteriorate, the expedition is over. However, I’m hoping this small amount will be enough to keep me fed. It should also provide the occasional hotel bed, with its device-charging possibilities. Hopefully, enough will remain to buy necessities, like footwear and visas.

Keeping my phone powered is vital. It provides maps, my camera, my video recorder and editor, and my blog recorder. It’s also my diary and my mini-language university. Oh, and my only means of communication.

But with a little support from lovely people like yourself, things will improve. Less camping means a more reliably charged device. And with a reliably charged device, there’d be better quality YouTube videos and more frequent Instagram photos. Extra funds would also generate more side-adventures, like weird museums and interesting culinary atrocities. I like food weirder, the better.

In the past, I completed a trip on a budget of £1 a day. I know how to stretch money. I also know it’s more enjoyable with a little more. Either way, we’ll get there. I hope.