Carrying my stuff

Life as a snail

The weight of my world on my shoulders

Everyone who has undertaken a journey like this before seems to have used some sort of trolley to carry their gear. Their videos demonstrate the problems with this. Basically, they were confined to asphalt or, at best, well-made tracks. In other words, they had the restrictions of a fully-loaded bicycle. And one of the reasons to ditch my bike was to gain some freedom.

Instead I will travel with a rucksack but carry the absolute bare minimum: my wardrobe (a single change of lightweight clothes, a fleece, rain jacket, hat and gloves), my bathroom (my sanitary trowel, a few toiletries and a towel), my kitchen (tiny stove, tiny pan, plastic cup and water filter) and my bedroom (sleeping bag, ground map and tent) as well as my tech.

Ideally, I want to barely notice the backpack when I’m walking. Yes, for longer, wilder stretches without easily accessible provisions I may have to find another temporary solution. But that’s a problem for another day.