4. Belgium

It took me 12 days to walk across Belgium, although that included a day off in Brussels at my cousin Sarah’s house and a two-day detour out of the country and back into France.

Why the detour? Testing the painful leg necessitated shorter days and so I strung together some closer camp sites and this meant a wiggly route back into France.

Belgium is nice enough, but its flatness hardly inspires. The war cemeteries were important to see, but the sheer waste of human life was sickening.

The highlight of the country was easily my day walking across Brussels, although the Mannekin Pis is rubbish.

Unfortunately, after a short-day start to the country I increased the daily distance to 30 km after the capital and this proved too much for my obviously-not-entirely-healed leg. I made it out of the country, hobbled as far as Maastricht and then returned home to get it seen to. Hopefully I’ll be back on the road soon.

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