Day 64: Fri 3rd June 2022

Said goodbye to philippe on a lovely morning. Walked 5 km to aldi. Stocked up. A bit later stopped for a rest a 76 yr old cyclist start to talk to me. He gave me a weird filled waffle. Walked through woods that would be easy if not ideal wild camping.

Later i stopped outside a house looking at my phone and a bloke came out to ask me if i was lost. He gave me two cold cans (hot day), one coke, one iced tea. How kind.

Nothing much to report about the scenery. Its getting better but still 95% farmland in use.

Dogs seem to detect my presence without seeing me, from behind fences. Maybe i need a shower. They always bark. It could be my hat. Chico hated behatted men.

Campsite I’d expected to be full only had one other tent on it. Went to bar. Had to learn some dutch words to be understood. Its just like german with a mouthful of marbles.

Distance today (km) 23, total 996

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