Day 70: Thu 9th June 2022

Another very rural day and one that was disappointing for shopping. First of all directed me to a garden centre rather than a supermarket. Inside i asked a lone woman in french if there was a supermarket nearby. I may as well have been speaking martian. I thought all these dutch speakers could speak 14 languages.

Later, as the skies opened, i managed to find a supermarket and buy some juice.

Later, with the skies threatening to open again, i dived into a bar, a welcome break for my legs on my longest day yet.

But 3 km from the end i spied an aldi and attempted to get in. The doors wouldnt open. It was 3 mins to 7 and now closed, despite people inside.

I walked back to a lesser supermarket I’d just seen to find that had closed at half 6.

How the hell do you buy groceries if you work and have a bit of a commute. I reckon there are bachelors rotting in apartments all over belgium, starved of nutrition because they always arrived home from work just a few minutes too late.

The day was saved when i found the campsite that i hadnt believed really existed, due to lack of internet presence. Flat field, compost toilet, water tap, quiet location and all for free. My sort of price.

Distance today (km) 34, total 1129

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