Day 46: Mon 16th May 2022

Up and out and back to terminal. No that desk didnt sell tickets, said equally surly 2nd assistant. Had to buy it online. Except p&o site didnt work once bicycle was selected. Had i sorted the bike for nothing?

Told i had to go to check in. Was strange going through customs without a ticket. But through other side i managed to buy one for £30.

Ferry eventually left. Europe here i come.

On board got a measly portion of fish n chips. All hell had broken loose because cafe card reader not working. This little time slip to the mid-noughties got some really angry.

Arrived. Made a point of pushing bike off. No foot passengers is just bollocks.

Not long after ferry two north african blokes trying to get car started. Jump start. Gave em a push. Only later wondered if they had hotwired it and now my pawprints all over back of it. Oh well.

Weather lovely, not my usual french rain.

Nice walk through french farmland. Few if any chances to wild camp. Headed for a campsite. Got there and found it was only for static caravans. Luckily another site 5 km away. If I’d headed there originally i would have saved 5 km.

Explained mission in french to site owner and he definitely understood.

Did i mention i found 200 euro in the foreign money section of my wallet. Was expecting the usual 15 euro. Fantasised about blowing some on a celebratory french meal and cold white wine. Instead Oye Plage a ghost town. Had to make do with a savoyard pizza. Only a small one vut i had to leave a quarter for bfast.

No signal tonight so diary is backing up.

Distance today (km) 23, total 830

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