Day 60: Mon 30th May 2022

Got up and went to look at, it seemed, entirely british war cemetery across the road from the campsite. Thousnds of em, all too young. What a pointless waste. And later i saw a sign that mentioned how britian shot over a 100 young sods for deserting. I think the wisest decision for any new conscripts would have been to blow away as many of his superiors as possible and then turn the gun on himself.

Back at the site Inge came over and gave me to sticky pastries, one if which i had as a mid afternoon snack and was delicious. The other is tomorrow’s bfast.

A nice morning walk through forest and fields, eventually arriving in Poperinge, a town with a great huge church.

A quick visit to a cash machine and Lidl and then the afternoon turned into a tarmac only plod, hot on the feet though the leg didnt complain.

At some point today, poss the cash machine, i put down the walking stick and didnt pick it up again. Maybe the curse is gone or I’m more balanced.

Campsite big and mostly empty. Cafe not open. Walked into kemmel. Pretty and pretty quiet spot. Found the food shop recommended by the campsite with stupid prices, like €3.50 for a packet of crisps. A bar is town where i had a quick beer was daft too, a plate of spaghetti for €13. Dont buy the pasta from the expensive shop. Get it from lidl for 80c.

Distance today (km) 19, total 910

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