Day 62: Wed 1st June 2022

Apart from the news last night that the border fine looks like going to court all was well today. I think i stormed my first five miles just rehearsing my defence and generally being angry in the only way i know how, calmly.

Today walked through farmland and by a river/canal with commercial barges sometimes carrying cars.

Still in france but the footpaths sometimes went rural unlike before.

I arrived at the campsite to find a Full sign but walked in anyway, found the owner titting about on a little tractor and got me a place. No mention of it being full. Maybe it’s only full to vans and caravans, not little people like me.

Walked into Bondues to find a bar-frer sleepy village with a few shops. Did soon shopping and got out of there. A pleasant afternoon on a sunny picnic bench followed.

Distance today (km) 15, total 943

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