Day 65: Sat 4th June 2022

Cool morning that turned very hot.

4km in, I reached my first 1,000 km.

Entirely rural today. Asked to bloke to fill my water bottle and around 2ish stopped for a beer, but mostly to refill depleted water.

After a double shop at aldi because everything will be closed tomorrow, continued to campsite through a proper wild campable forest. Wasnt expecting campsite to be even there, let alone have space, but both came good.

Learned in bar here that its Gh’hoo Gh’ardan, not Hoe-Garten, where gh is a rough gutteral sound. Bar man even hunted out a pint glass for me.

One local said he’d watched the queen today (plat joob). Asked me what i thought. I said i ljked what the french did in 1789.

Thunderstorms now. Big rain forecast tomorrow.

Distance today (km) 27, total 1023

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