Day 67/68: Mon 6th/Tue 7th June 2022

Didnt like where i camped last night. Too close to civilisation. Was going to wait out the 10am rain but instead packed at half 8 and buggered off. Rain never came.

A nice walk across Brussels. I stopped for a coffee and croissant at a scruffy little caff and walked around an interestingly ethnic diverse bit of the city.

Then made my way to the always disappointing mannekin pis. He was being dressed by an official dresser ( it said so on his jacket). He gor a round of applause when he finished and they turned the piss back on. Tons of tourists about, destroying the charm in everything. Yes, i know im one too.

Then to the Grand Place. Nice building and some lovely phones videoing everything, mine included.

Leaving behind the tourists i headed for corporate brussels and the eu bit and several parks.

After yesterdays sore leg i went slow all day and sat on many benches. It worked well.

Arrived at sarahs around 4, where i was liquored up on belgian beers and fed a nice salmon and pasta dish. My body didnt recognise the green things on my plate but they were green beans. The last vegetable i ate was northampton.

The next day was a lazy, zero energy day drinking more beer and making my videos. Tomorrow i continue again. Into more rain it seems but a lot more wild camping possibilities.

Distance today (km) 18, total 1071

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