Day 66: Sun 5th June 2022

With rain forecast for 11 i was going to start late and hope to arrive late, plop into the woods and fall asleep no messing about. But then i thought I’d like at least some dry walking and so i was off by 10.

Very rural day. Hardly passed a business. Did pass supermarket after the forecast rain had started but apres spar, le deluge. I got soaked.

Possibly because of this i hurried along forgetting about my bad leg. Not far from the planned woods, the pain started again. I slowed down. Unfortunately first woods belonged to a massive house that like massive fences. Same was true of woods two. Oh good, a park, i thought. At least that wont be fenced off, but it was.

The rain had stopped by 6 but everything was sodden and i was running out of ideas. Then a little scruffy park with a secret passage to an even scruffier bit. Surrounded by houses but bushes hid me. Not my favourite sort of place but better than pacing the entire night.

Got settled, put bambecque hot gel on my ankle. Quite a lot. It burnt a little and slept like a log. Could feel the leg improving through the night.

Distance today (km) 30, total 1053

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