Day 71: Fri 10th June 2022

Turned out that the tap at the free site didnt have drinkable water. Stank of sulphur.

Another boring day. Flat and rural in a dull way and when civilisation encroached that was boring too.

Visited a lidl and bought breakfast snacks and then just walked and walked.

Around 5pm stumbled upon a bar and got a beer. A bloke there – said his name was sonething that sounded like alay – taught me the flemish phrase for “another beer” and it worked.

Leg had that shin splints thing late in the day. Hope thats gone by tomorrow.

Arrived on a bivakzone. Basically a wild campable field with no facilities but thats ok. Just glad to get these things for free.

Put conpeed on right foot this morning and it still feels a bit shit. At this rate will just be glad to get to aachen on sunday.

Distance today (km) 24, total 1153

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