Day 44: Sat 14th May 2022

Decided to get going early. Had slept well. Tent heating up. No reason to stay there.

Walked a handful of miles to only shop of the day. Bought orange juice and newspaper and read in the sun for a bit.

Cos id set off so early i had a lot of time to kill today.

Went to Elham. Church fayre going on. Went in and bought a paperback for 50p. That should stop me draining my phone battery in moments of boredom.

Popped into pub to charge phone and got speaking to group of hikers. Think one of em, a 21 yr old canterbury university student, went away inspired to do more travel and less work.

Carried on walking, kent is lovely. Scenery perfect england.

Later got speaking to vinny and jo. He was blown away. Chucked me some cash and insisted he buy me a beer. Could i say no? Also gave me his number if im ever in trouble. Very generous guy.

By now i was running later. Got near proposed camping spot for half seven. Anothet lovely field.

Wore my summer hat for first time today and already complimented on it.

Supposedly a big storm tonight. Lets see.

Distance today (km) 23, total 794

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